Hearts is a trick taking card game in which players try to avoid taking penalty cards.It is game is closely related to other cards games like whist or bridge.

A Long History

Hearts, like many other cards games, has a long history which dates back, much way before computers were invented. The first variants of hearts were played around 1750, in Spain. Since then the game spread around and evolved to different variants which are played today. When personal computers were mass adopted, the game become one of the most played multiplayer card games. In the first versions the opponent players were AI players, but later on, especially after the Internet adoption the game can be played online against other real players.

The Rules

As mentioned before, there are many versions with different rules but the same principles applies. The main idea is to avoid taking the penalty cards, in to finish the game with the least penalty cards as possible. The objective of the game is to get as low penalty points as possible.

    The penalty cards:
  • all the hearts cards are bringing 1 point;
  • the queen of spades is bringing 13 points;

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